American Safety Crew

We offer a full line of services necessary to implement a comprehensive safety program and act as your central point of contact for jobsite safety.


American Safety Crew (ASC) has over 18 years of experience providing safety services to contractors. We act as your central contact for jobsite safety, providing the products and services you need to keep your crews safe. From gate tags to full fall protection systems, we have all of the products you’ll need to meet OSHA guidelines.

Let American Safety Crew, Inc. act as your job site safety coordinator. Make safety your first priority, protect your crew and your company name. We can train all employees to create a safe working environment for everyone.


Net Safety Systems.

 We have been designing, customizing, and installing netting systems for nearly 20 years.

We have got all of your netting needs covered.  [See More]

Safety Management.

Our safety programs encompass all trades, and in turn we provide contractors with complete control over jobsite safety. This eliminates hazards, reduces accidents and substantially decreases overall costs, while increasing productivity. [See more]

Your safety is our top priority

 In American Safety Crew we are focused on delivering the highest quality of safety and training services on a local level. We provide net systems and education for on-the-job-training, offer follow up support on best practices, audits, and task accomplishment along with training on OSHA and industry specific safety manuals. We also specialize in NIOSH fall protection equipment and training.


Leave your safety in our hands.

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