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Our industry-leading safety management systems meet the most stringest safety standards in the country so you can feel safe and confident knowing your workforce is protected. Our safety programs encompass all trades, we provide contractors with complete control over jobsite safety. This eliminates hazards, reduces accidents and substantially decreases overall costs, while increasing productivity. Our Turnkey Methods work because we supply full-time labor and materials for the duration of the project. Multi-lingual and OSHA-compliant training is also provided.

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Our Perimeter Railings system is a durable and flexible alternative to our cable system. We recommend this railing for concrete construction projects and preexisting lag-bolted systems. Prefabricated portions of the railing system can be shipped during construction or following concrete curing. The Perimeter Railings system uses 2” × 4” lumber for top-rail and mid-rail, with 1” × 4” lumber used as a toe board.


We provide the hole cover you need. The ¾” industry standard plywood hole cover you use over the holes until the surface of the roof is complete and ready for final shingle installation. The metal plate hole covers are strong, durable and clearly marked. All hole covers are maintained by Safety Guys and recycled to the upper floors to maximize cost efficiencies.


Our temporary stairway railing systems are designed to eliminate long open areas of the elevator shaft from top to bottom. We recommend installing a safety deck every 3 floors to protect against long falls. In addition, these stairway railing systems can be constructed waterproof to minimize water damage and maintain maximum safety.


We install an unique railing/barricade at each elevator shaft opening that is easily removable to accommodate the block masons , elevator installers and drywall installers. Materials get recycled to the upper floors as soon as permanent doors are installed to take full advantage of cost reductions.

elevator protection


You can trust us to help you meet your safety goals with each elevator plot. Our crew installs durable plywood decks, designed to minimize the space between the elevator and its shaft walls from 3 to 5 floors above. We also recommend waterproofing, so standing water or moisture inside will not continue rotting the wood over time.


Our Elevator Jamb Protection protects the wooden jambs of the elevator while under construction, eliminating future repair costs. Each kit is customizable with a choice of wood type and thickness. If the kit is not a perfect fit for your project, our custom kit builder allows you to choose each piece individually.


An elevator net system can provide added safety for construction crews working in an elevator shaft. Our elevator net system seals off the shaft from any debris that could potentially fall and cause injury.


Working platform deck solutions are the answer for access to hard-to-reach areas. Platforms are constructed to customer specifications, designed to mount into or onto existing stations, working platforms are built with the safety of the crew in mind. Talk with our team about your situation and let us help you create the perfect solution.


We will furnish the materials and labor to construct a pre-designed loading dock able to receive 2 tractor trailers with a ramp, stairs, and overhead protection. Typical measurements are approximately 15ft X 30ft. As always, we will work with you to design a loading dock that best-fits the space requirements of your job-site.


We will  construct wings and decks at each stop for the buckhoist to prevent drops and falls. We will work with you to create a plan that fits your building. 


The entrance canopies come with a clearly marked bi-lingual construction entrance sign (English and Spanish). Standard canopy size measures 20′ long by 8′ wide. As always, we will work with you to design an entrance canopy to meet the specific needs of your jobsite.
This cost-efficient overhead protection has strategically located cables that make this proprietary system portable.


Our crane protection system prevents uninvited people from tampering or climbing the crane. We will provide materials and labor to construct an 8ft high plywood wall with a gate around the crane to maximize protection and minimize job-site risk.

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